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Spelling Advice From the Third Grader

One of the good things about having such willful children as I do, is that they are always very clear about what they want to learn and how they want to do it. 

My third grader is the artistic one in the family.  Everything must have color or be able to have color added to it in order to be meaning full.  She loves index cards and Our Learning Cards, but has the tendency to misplace them or lose them especially when she is studying outside under Annie, our big apple tree.  This is such a shame as she has painstakingly defined and illustrated her Latin vocab or spelling words with such vibrancy and color.  But fear not, she has a solution.

Here is the spelling advice from the third grader:

"Mom, I want to make a dictionary with my spelling words."  she said. 

"Okay, that's a great idea."  I replied.  "What should it look like?"

"I want to be able to write the word out, tell what it means, and draw a picture of it.  Can you put the
alphabet across the top so I can see what letter I'm on, too?" she asked.

"Sure," I said like a waitress taking an order.  "Do you want me to bind it up like a set?" I inquired.

"Nope.  I want it to go on the clipboard, then I can take it outside and sit under Annie and work on my words.  I'll just keep it in my binder.  Thanks, mom."  she said as she ran out to swing in her fruit-filled, pomander bearing friend.

And yes, that really IS how resources are born in our home.  Sometimes it's just a very clear idea from very willful minds.

So here are the pages to our Draw it, Write it spelling dictionary.  Feel free to use them for new words the kids are learning in any subject or just keep a master collection.  It is impossible for the words to be kept in alphabetical order within each letter as we hope the children are constantly adding to their collection.  A good rule of thumb is new words or often misspelled words should be added on a weekly basis. 

I hope your kiddos find them fun and useful too.

Download our Draw it, Write it Spelling Dictionary Sheets now.


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