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Day Without Yesterday, Little Lesson on Msgr. Georges Lemaitre, Father of the Big Bang Theory

I love it when things work out this way.  I couldn't have planned it any better.  I posted our Famous Scientists learning cards yesterday and today I opened my inbox to find a great and solid Little Lesson on Monsignor Georges Lemaitre, Father of the Big Bang Theory from Shell, homeschool mum of six, over at Thinking Love, No Twaddle blog.

Some people have a way of making really hard things understandable.  Shell is one of those people.  She writes, creates and shares these wonderful lessons for homeschoolers.  She asks for nothing in return except for prayers for both our families.  And because of her effort, I now really know the history of the Big Bang Theory and the Catholic perspective on it.  You can even read the Vatican Document entitled, “Un Ora di Serenna” by Pope Pius XII given in 1951 in which he spoke this:

“Contemporary science with one sweep back across the centuries has succeeded in bearing witness to the august instant of the primordial Fiat Lux [let there be light] which along with matter burst forth from nothing...thus science has confirmed the contingency of the universe.

Today`s Little Lesson is a eleven page gem for those with upper elementary to high school aged children.  The text is clear and is filled with great photos and facts.  Timeline pieces (or pieces that could be glued into a F3 folder, lapbook or science notebook) are included with pictures of famous scientists.  There are also three notebooking sheets and a page of Think About and Discuss questions.  This lesson is one that will surely spark family conversation, but also bring a clearer understanding to your own personal beliefs about Creation.

Thanks so much, Shell, for sharing your time, talent and gift of simplicity with us all.

Click HERE to download this Little Lesson on Msgr. Georges Lemaitre, Father of the Big Bang Theory.
Click HERE to see other science lessons that Shell has shared with us.


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