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One Colourful Way to Help Inspire Reading

It is a well known fact that colour affects our mood.  Brighter colours make us feel energetic and ready to take action.  Can we apply this theory to inspiring our children to read?  Yes.

They tell us not to judge a book by its cover, but unconsciously we all do that anyway.  We naturally want to interact with vibrant visual interests when given a choice. 

Our colourful reading log can help encourage readers to keep reading all year long by inviting them to keep track of all of the titles they read.

There are three easy steps to create this project.
Simple log sheet sample
1. Prepare the Log Sheets

Select the genre sheets that you want your child to focus on in their reading this year. With almost thirty different genres to choose from, there is bound to be something for your favourite reader. You may even want to introduce a new genre to them for them to explore as well.

Older learners may enjoy using the specialized literary genre focus sheets that not only serve as a spot to log their reads, but also as a review of the particular literary genre too.

Print out our coloured sheets either one per page as a single sided version or print them out double sided for a log that looks more like a traditional book.
Feel free to print out as many sheets as required for your child's reading needs.

2. Create the Covers

Select one of our colourful reading log covers to use and mark your log.  Current colour schemes include: aqua, green, orange, rose, and yellow.  Print out one and then fill in your child's name and grade or the calendar year. 

Hint:  We suggest using heavier bond paper or cover stock for your cover.

Wilson Jones (W362-14W) 3-Hole View Binder, 1-Inch Rings, 11 Inch by 8 1/2 Inch, White
1" 3-ringed binder with clear overlay

3. Assemble the Log

There are a few ways that you can assemble this log. 

The first way to assemble this resource is for the slightly older learner who is comfortable using ringed-folders.  For fast durable assembly that allows you to quickly add additional sheets to your log, we suggest you use a vinyl 1" 3-Hole View Binder with clear overlay.

Slip the printed cover into the front overlay.  Order your selected log pages, punch with a three hole punch and insert into binder.

The second way to assemble this log is much simpler and designed for use over a smaller period of time.  Order the cover, then log sheets, and finally a blank piece of white paper.  Gather and staple all sheets on the left hand side of the page to mimic the placement of the holes in binder paper.  You could also three hole punch the pages and put them into a duo-tang.

The last way you could easily assemble this log is by using a comb or wire binding spine.  We have used this method for years.  It is one of the most polished ways to present this resource, however, you cannot easily add additional pages to specific genres if needed.

How to Use the Log

To use the log, simply have the kiddos read their selected books or parts of a book and note down their progress and accomplishments in their log under the appropriate genre sheet.  Parents could easily note down reads for younger children by noting either pages read or reading time.  A simple check mark in the box at the right proclaims they have completed the book, if it is a chapter book or a longer read. 

This colourful project serves as a great place not only to log books read, but to serve as a proof of learning tool, if required.

Click HERE to begin creating your log now.



Heather said...

Hi! I found you through homeschool freebie of the day. These are great and I am looking forward to digging into your site. I wanted to let you know that when you click on the Bible Stories plain log, the Preschool stories log comes up. Thanks again for your hard work and for blessing us with these resources.

Kalei said...

Hi Heather,

We are thrilled that you found us! Thanks for the heads up on the link - I have just fixed it.

I hope that you find lots of goodies that you can use. :)


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