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What's a Homeschool Mom to Do?

So, you're in grade three and it's the first week of lessons. Mum hands you your new science book. You are excited by the cover, it looks really neat and bright. As you flip through the pages you like the opportunity for experiments, learning about space and animals, you like it all until . . . you see the all the new words you will need to learn for each chapter. Yikes!! The smile you once had now leaves your face. What's a homeschool mom to do?

This happened to me this past week - our second full week of lessons. My choices were to abandon the wonderful little catholic science book, bully or guilt my child into begrudgingly using the text, or come up with a creative solution. Since the first options weren't very viable at all, I decided to come up with a art filled solution...the Draw it, Write it Vocabulary Sheets

Available in four color themes, these sheets will help even your third grader bring stale vocab to life in ANY SUBJECT they are studying.  Whether it is a textbook, chapter book of sorts, or a longer read aloud, these sheets can help bring meaning and life to new words children encounter in their reading or learning.  Able to accompany up to fifteen chapters, this set allows children to write out, define and then illustrate new words they come across or need to learn. 

Each notebooking style sheet allows two words to be studied at a time and provides the chapter number, a visual numeral marker to make reference easier, plus generous line spacing and drawing area.  Print out as many pages of each chapter as necessary and bind to create a notebook.  Pages have been designed for use in a three ringed binder with enough space on either margin side to be a single side or double sided resource. 

Get our Draw It, Write It Vocabulary Sheets now.


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