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F3 Folder Explains the Sign of the Cross, Holy Water and the Sanctuary Lamp

Ever find that you are driving your car, begin thinking about something and before you know it, you are home but don't remember getting there?  I can understand how prayer can sometimes be like that.  You start praying and before you know it, your mind has drifted off into thinking about something else.  What's worse is saying a prayer instead of praying the prayer. 

I wanted to do a lesson on the powerful meaning of the Sign of the Cross.  As a people of God, we begin almost every prayer with a praising sign of adoration and belief in the Holy Trinity, but do we remember what we are really doing when we enter the church, dip our fingers into the Holy Water and make and pray the sign of the cross? 

I wanted to reinforce this most basic Christian sign with a lesson that:

Illustrated the sign of the cross
Provided the prayer in both English and Latin
Explained the sign of the cross and why we use it
Gave an explanation of the use of holy water as we enter/leave a church
Encouraged children to look for symbolism in our faith
Showcased the sanctuary lamp as a symbol of Christ's presence.

My latest F3 (Flip, Flap and Fold) Folder called, The Sign of the Cross, does all of these things in a very simple and fun way.

This nine page FREE down loadable lapbook style resource will provide just about everything you need to create this F3 Folder for use in the CCD classroom, but also in your own little homeschool or co-op.  It is very interactive lending itself quite well as a discussion starter.  The file includes all the sheets, pieces and a teacher's answer key as well.  See our video for more instruction on how to make and use this resource.

Click HERE to learn more about this resource or download it now.



Amazing Grace said...

WOW! This is great! Thank you for sharing! :)

Kalei said...

You are so welcome! I have quite a few others in the works and almost ready to go. We just went back to formal lessons in our little homeschool and CCD starts in a few weeks for me, so I have to have my folders ready to go - at least for the first month or two worth. :)

Allison said...

This looks wonderful, Kalei!

Thanks for sharing it on the Totus Tuus Family & Catholic Homeschool Facebook page.

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