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More Catholic Scientists - Little Lesson on Dr. Alois Alzheimer

I am so happy that we are able to offer resources for older learners through the generosity, energy and talent of others.  The latest Little Lessons on science by Shell of Thinking Love, No Twaddle blog have been well received and have been very thought provoking.  So, here is another Little Lesson focused on another Catholic scientist.

Learn about Alois Alzheimer the gentle neurologist with the latest little science lesson.  Expect that you will walk away after this lesson with a better understanding of  Dr. Alzheimer as well as the disease for which he did extensive study and was eventually named after him.

As Dr. Alzheimer was a leader in the humane and proper care of those with mental illness and organic disability, this lesson will also provide a great opportunity to talk about the idea of free will as it pertains to the Catechism as well as introduce the work of St. Thomas Aquinas in terms of drawing the line between madness and badness. 

Although not an easy topic to cover, this lesson is a great starting point.  There are ten pages in the file which include a ready to go text, opportunities for discussion and four very well done notebooking sheets.  Explore a lesson that will help you begin  to see how well you your faith and how to apply it to your thinking in our very modern and complicated world.

Thank you so much, Shell, for sharing this lesson with us.  Please keep Shell and her family in your prayers for all of the generosity and energy she shares with homeschooling families everywhere.

Learn more about science by using the Little Lesson on Science -  Dr. Alzheimer, the Gentle Neurologist.


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