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Organize Your Learning Day in a Fun Hands-on Way

Help children keep track of what's coming up next in their learning day with these cute and very functional subject labels.

Use these labels to set-up a loose (or tight) learning schedule. Simply print out pages, cut apart subject cards on the lines and order according to the day's tasks. Laminate for more durability and to re-use daily.  You can affix to poster board, bulletin board or simply use low-tack painter's tape on a wall and grid out the day for each child. As children gain more organizational experience, have them order their day according to their preferences. 

Pictured at left is our 3rd grader's schedule for a day on our bulletin board. After laminating the pieces I used an over sized hole punch and simply hung the labels on push-pins.  When subjects are completed, our kiddo simply turns them over as a sign of accomplishment.  It is amazing how much more gets accomplished when children feel a bit more control over their learning. It doesn't need to be perfect, just fun!

The picture at right is how we previously used the labels last last year on the wall with blue low-tack painter's tape and blue mack-tack.  It is super-simple and leaves no markings on the wall either.

Our subject label set includes these study areas:   math, spelling, reading, phonics, literature, vocabulary, art, music, history, geography, mapping, religion, Bible, home skills, virtue study, P.E., writing, science, nature study, English, French, Latin, foreign language, computer.)

Get our Printable Academic Subject Labels now.

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