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Why Study Latin and Sweet Latin Posters for Young Learners

Learning a second language is always a difficult task.  It can be made easier for children when study is begun very early in life.  It then becomes a second nature. 

Latin is a classic language.  Although it is considered dead since it is not conversationally spoken and new modern vocabulary, it is still  well worth learning for the following reasons:

Latin is a beautiful way to participate in traditional Christian worship and prayer.

It helps to build vocabulary in other languages since many modern languages are rooted in Latin.  This can help learners succeed in college entrance exams and standardized tests.

There is a wealth of books, texts and music available to those who know and read the Latin language.

And lastly, as my pastor shared with my children and I, the nice thing about Latin study is eventually you know it will come to an end because it is a dead language.

Ah, yes, keeping the goal in site is a wonderful thing.  We began studying Latin a few years ago because one of my children could not, would not learn reading through the phonics method.  This same child began reading entire books quite well even months before her third birthday.  She was a whole language learner and a sight reader.  Latin seemed a perfect way to learn new words and avoid the tears that studying phonics brought to our home on a daily basis.

As another of my children begins studying Latin formally, I thought that I would liven things up to create a warmer learning style that this child needs.  Thus, I created some very colorful and inviting Latin posters.  Now other professional folks may want posters to be set up a bit differently, but this seems to work very well in our home. 

I hope that you find these useful in some way.

Visit our Latin Posters page now to download any of the bright and fun single sheet posters we have to offer.


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