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Happy First Day of Fall

Fall is here!  Can you believe it? 

What are you doing to celebrate the first day of autumn with your kiddos?  Do you decorate your home in some way?  Perhaps you bake something with apples or cook with corn?  What are we going to do?

We are going on a nature walk!

Nature walks are a great way to explore both the big and little aspects of nature.  About a week ago one of our kiddos put in her bid for a nature walk to see how many leaves had already fallen or trees had begun changing their color around the neighborhood.  So, we will take a walk, bring home souvenirs, I am supposing, and mount them in our nature notebook.

 I like to use our bright little nature notebook sheets that have all kinds of different themes.  The pages are unlined to allow for mounting leaves, petals and any other treasures.  And, of course,  there is lots of space for drawings, doodles or photos.  You could even graph the type and numbers of leaves that you find.  We invite you to begin fall with a little nature loving fun too!

Download our Nature Notebooking sheets now.


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