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Is it Possible to Cook Up a Book Report?

If you say the words 'book report' to children, you are usually met with drones and sighs. Many learners are not strong readers, but want to enjoy books. So how can we help those children love to read for a specific purpose without feeling overwhelmed by the process of picking apart a book?

A Tip from the Chef

Just as the book The Jumbo Cookbook by Judi Gillies and Jennifer Glossop aims to help develop chefs from the very beginning introducing the art of cooking, cooking terms, useful utensils, safety procedures and even menu planning, our recipe book report and recipe book report writing paper helps to develop confident readers and writers.
Now I can't take credit for the recipe book report idea as I have seen numerous versions of this idea online, but I did want to give it my own flair making it very visually appealing and easy for children to understand and complete.

The Jumbo Cookbook (Jumbo Books)By reading the "recipe sheet," readers will be inspired to think about concepts such as the plot, characters, and favourite portions of the story. It also reminds them about the core things every good book report needs: title, author, publisher, etc. The stylized writing paper provides a fun and authentic feeling to the recipe book report. Just as the cookbook above has been a big favourite with one of my girls (especially the corn chowder recipe), this writing resource has been a hit with my children as well as other homeschooling families over the years.

Visit our Book Report page to download our Recipe Book Report or other favorite book report helps. 


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