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Little Cut-n-Paste Rebus to Learn About the Angels and the First Sin

Answer Key Sample
When I ask my CCD classes what is the first sin ever committed, more often than not I am told about the original sin of Adam and Eve in the garden and eating the forbidden fruit.  Although I am always happy that children know the story of our first parents' disobedience to God, I know that I have my work cut out for me in  teaching the truth about the first sin ever committed. 

The need for the distinct explanation of the first sin ever committed and the first sin ever committed on earth may arise in your religious education class or home catechises session too.  To help explain this in a tactile and inviting way for younger learners, I have created a cut -n-paste rebus about the angels and the first sin.

This activity is fun, simple and fast to complete so it can be a quick perfect addition to your lessons at home or in the classroom.  Simply cut out the pieces, read the story together and paste in the pieces where they match in the story.  St. Michael is depicted as a warrior angel with a bow and Lucifer is depicted as a plain angelic figure - as he would have been originally.  This provides a great opportunity to talk about how sin can change us spiritually and even physically.

Scrambled letter clues are given for each piece, CCC passages are noted and an answer key is provided.

Find the Angels and the First Sin Rebus as well as other resources to teach about sin and forgiveness in our collection now.


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