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It's Time to Be Positive and Spread a Little Sunshine

As the school year is now in full swing for us, there are lots of things going on.  Many are overwhelmed with schedules, reading lists, and finding just the right thing to help teach something that the kiddos just can't seem to grasp yet.  So, inspired by Linky Party being thrown by Jennifer over at Rowdy in the First Grade, I thought that it would be a good time for me to focus on some positive things!

So here are some of our no fail, always bring a smile to the kiddos' faces, printable resources.

1. Aesop's Fables Montessori Cards
Kids love Aesop's Fables and these little cards help children to recall stories and remember the moral from each one.  They are fun to use to play games of recall or if using two sets, they are great for go fish as well as concentration matching games as well.

2. Sweet Shop Candy Problem Solving Game
Oh, I can't tell you the fun that we have had with this game over the years!  Using paper candy pieces, kids solve clues to make purchases at the Sweet Shop Candy store.  Although money denominations are not used in the pricing, each candy is assigned a value, which players must use to solve problems.

3.  Animal Themed Word Searches Based on Word Families
We thought our children might like to have a change in the way they learned their phonics, spelling and vocabulary words. We also thought that your learners might like to have some fun too! We created simple word search puzzles for each phonetic word family and linked it to an animal.

4. Science Detective Sheets
Kids love learning about animals and these sheets have long been a favourite with our kids and classrooms.  We've heard from teachers who enjoy using these simple sheets to help their students children learn and explore about animals and plants too.

I hope these resources bring fun and smiles to your kiddos too! :)


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