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Resources for a Busy Liturgical Week - Our Lady of Sorrows, Exaltation of the Holy Cross and More

As I was looking at the liturgical calendar for the coming week, I realized how many things were coming up that I wanted to call attention to them not only to my own family, but to our online family as well, considering that we have resources for many of the coming events.

Here are the liturgical highlights for this coming week and a few resources to go with them.

Monday, Sept. 12 - Most Holy Name of the Blessed Virgin Mary
Instituted by Pope Innocent XI in the 17th Century, this feast honours the Blessed Virgin Mary for her exalted role in salvation.  Her name is one is one of honour, piety and charity.

Resources for the Blessed Virgin Mary

Tuesday, Sept. 13 - Feast Day of Saint John Chrysostom
Born in Antioch in 347, this uncompromising saint was dubbed the 'Golden Mouth' in tribute to his powerful preaching.  He is a patron saint of preachers. 

Download an 8 page My Book Mini-book about St. John Chrysostom or other saints.
St. John Chrysostom is also featured in our F3 Flip, Flap & Fold Folder to Teach About Creation.

Wednesday, Sept. 14 - Exaltation of the Holy Cross
This beautiful liturgical feast celebrates the dedication of the original Church of the Holy Sepulchre in 335 as well as Christ's Victory over death.

Celebrate this occasion with a Little Lesson on the Triumph of the Cross (includes also the feast of the Archangels) featuring lovely text, classic artwork and a bit of Latin fun as well.

Thursday, Sept. 15 - Our Lady of Sorrows
Once known as the 'Seven Sorrows of Mary,' this feast was instituted in 1668 out of devotion to Mary by the Servite Friars.  Pope Pius VII extended it to whole Western Church in 1814.  The seven sorrows are:
  1. Simeon's prophecy at the Presentation of Jesus in the temple
  2. The Flight into Egypt
  3. The disappearance of the boy Jesus in Jerusalem
  4. The road to Calvary
  5. The Crucifixion
  6. The removal from the cross
  7. The Entombment
Help kiddos learn about Our Lady of Sorrows with a Little Lesson on Our Lady of Sorrows and then for even more learning fun try our F3 Piece on Our Lady of Sorrows.  By combining the pieces, the coloring sheet, and extras from these two resources and creating a simple single prepared F3 folder, you could have a nice catechism lesson.

Hope this helps you plan and enjoy a lovely liturgical week.


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