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Learn About What Makes God Perfect using our newly added F3 Folder Lesson

F3 Folder on the Perfections of God
Some of you have been really enjoying our F3 Folder Lessons that are simple fun and, like everything else, FREE for you to download and use in your homeschool or CCD classes.  These little flip, flap and fold (F3) lessons are homeschool and classroom friendly.  Although some have asked if they are just like lapbooks, we say that they are similar but with three distinct differences. 

1.  Each of our F3 Folder lessons comes with some basic lesson sheets that are glued into the file folder to not only provide text for learning, but also shows you where to put the little paper pieces that are included in the file.  Each spot is clearly labelled to make things more convenient for you.

2.  Our F3 Folders have a limited number of pieces, usually between 6-8, to make the lesson text and materials more meaningful as the focus is on the lesson itself and not making the pieces.  Pieces are designed to be made as the lesson is taught.

3.  Lastly, our F3 Folders are designed to fit into a 3-ringed binder for easy storage.  They don't require any special folds, but rather just a bit of trimming.  Some projects require a double (two folders) and they still fit into the 3-ringed binders.  Great for classroom, co-op or homeschool use.

We have just added our Perfections of God F3 Folder lesson to our collection.  This single folder project comes with two main sheets and eight pieces.  The lesson focuses on the perfections of God and answers these questions:  Is God Perfect?  What makes Him perfect?  How can we get to know God?  The monstrance is highlighted as well as an introduction to the Theology of the Body (TOB), and writing prompts to reflect on virtuous living.  Lots of opportunity for discussion and scripture study.  Expect to focus on these perfections:
God is All Knowing
God is All Present
God is Almighty
God is Eternal
God is All Merciful
God is All Good

Learn more about or download this F3 Folder on the Perfections of God now.

Watch our how-to video below to see what homeschoolers and catechists are making a joyful noise about.  I hope you are enjoying the folders.  Feel free to leave a comment with your thoughts or suggestions for other topics you'd like to see covered.


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