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New Resources to Help Children Learn About St. Patrick's Feast Day

New fun printable resources to help children learn about St. Patrick of Ireland.

Saint study is such a great way to study geography, history, facts of the Faith and so much more.  It is also a nice way to add spice to your learning day with some different fun but educational activities.  We are happy to share some brand new resources we have just created to help the kiddos learn all about St. Patrick of Ireland.  These colourful, fun printables are sure to appeal to even the most fickle learners as there is a nice selection of freebies from which to choose.  Here are just a few of the resources we have to share:

A new twelve page notebooking page set can be used by learners of all ages to help focus either on St. Patrick himself or his lesson on the Holy Trinity.  There are three different layouts and four line spacing options.

Our very popular printable saint trading card collection now includes this famous saint (pictured above).  As usual, there are four cards per page which make them perfect for individual, family, or classroom use.  And if you are looking for a game suitable for up to 15 people that includes St. Patrick, then download our Catholic Bingo game which teaches many basics of the Faith while having lots of fun.  This is a great game for a St. Patrick's Day party, if you are having one.

Looking for a quick mini-book to add to your project, current folder project or notebook?  Try our My Book Mini-book on St. Patrick complete with writing prompts.  You can also find a mini-book for the Holy Trinity both with and without writing prompts. 

And speaking of the Holy Trinity, don't forget our F3 lesson all about the Holy Trinity which we posted from our own CCD class earlier in the school year.  There is also quite a bit of other copywork and printables about the Holy Trinity right on the lesson page as well.  If you are looking for a science link, try our F3 lesson on the Trinity using the three states of water.  This too was an earlier post this year.  These two lessons are always fun to do with the children.

To make everything easy and convenient for busy homeschoolers and catechists, we have put all of our St. Patrick resources on one page.  Don't forget that St. Joseph's feast day is this week too! 

Click HERE to see all of our resources about St. Patrick.
Click HERE to see all of our resources about St. Joseph.


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