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Five New Montessori Faith Card Sets

5 New Catholic Montessori Card Sets help bring more meaning to the Holy Mass and the Catholic Faith to young hearts.

As the learning year begins to wind down for my CCD class and we really begin preparing for the reception of their first sacraments, I really try to incorporate many different ways of reviewing the core lessons of the year.  Some ways that I have found to easily accomplish this task is to use game playing or hands-on learning tasks.  Although I have not yet created the second set of matching games for the classroom yet, I have decided to use Montessori Cards for class use as well as to give families the opportunity to print out their own sets for home use and review.

You will find that I have updated the Montessori Faith cards to now include eight sets of Catholic Montessori cards which feature all kinds of different church articles and furnishings, parts of the church, Sacred vessels and other sacramentals.  Some of the older sets have been updated to include bigger fonts, full and proper terms, and clearer pictures.  These can prove to be very useful including:
  • Pulling cards from a pile and having children tell as much as they can about the picture.
  • Asking questions and having the children find the proper card to answer your request.  Examples of this include:  Which things would the priest use during Mass?  Which things can be found in the every church?  What things does the congregation use?  and so forth.
  • Assigning each child a card and allow them to use their book or other source to find out as much as they can about the picture on the front.
  • Divide the cards out into groups to match the number of children and then have the groups of children try and stump each other by asking questions to describe the card they are holding in their hand.
  • Create a fish bowl style of all cards on the floor.  While seated on the floor in a  circle have the children discuss their favourite cards.  Be sure to prompt with the questions:  What is it?  Why do you like it?  What purpose does it serve in our church or Faith?
  • Print out two sets to play Go Fish and Concentration style games.

Click HERE to see our Montessori Faith card collection now.

I hope that you find these cards useful in your little homeschool or CCD classroom.


Kalei - That Resource Team


Amy Caroline said...

How did I miss this site? Oh my goodness!!! It is fabulous! Thank you for all the wonderful goodies!

That Resource Team said...

Thank you so much for the kind words, Amy! We are so glad you found our site and find our goodies inviting and helpful. :)
Blessings, Kalei

David said...

God Bless you lead you with His Love & anointing.

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