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New Faith Lesson: Jesus the Super Natural Hero

New Faith lesson helps trace the miracles, parables and events of our Lord's life while showing children who the real hero in their lives should be.

What is a hero?  In today's modern world, many of our children are very confused about who or what a hero actually is.  Many children do not even consider Jesus as a candidate for this honour, which is very sad considering He is to be the focus on our lives.  Many think of celebrities, sports stars, fictitious characters, singers and contrived personalities as heroes to pattern their behaviour and morality after.  The truth is there really isn't anyone on the earth - past, present or future - that even mildly compares to the power and authority of our Lord, Jesus.

Many times I am amazed at who children seem to think are important in their lives.  In my CCD class I use the lesson I share today as a way to teach the children about Jesus, the miracles He performed and the parables He taught.  I also use it as a chance to tell them about the importance of choosing the right influences in their life.  I often feel like I am competing with Internet, computer games, television and so forth for a mere 75 minutes of attention weekly.  I am merely a mouth piece for our Lord, but I want to make sure that children take home with them a catechism lesson as well as a lesson that they can use in their everyday life as they deal with peer pressure and the bombardment of the modern world.  Thus this lesson was born.

By comparing our Lord to any "super" hero possible, children will see how powerful, awesome and loving our Lord really is.  He gives us everything we will need to be happy forever.  Using the things that every superhero possesses:  superpowers, secret identity, arch enemy, sidekick, teach others by example, and sure success, children are challenged to come up with a hero greater than our Lord.  They can easily see that our Lord possess all the superhero criteria and then some.

Here is a simple way to use this at home on a coffee table.
To use this lesson simply download the 13 page file, print out the card pieces on cardstock and laminate for repeated use and best results.  Read through the directions and prepare yourself using the scripture suggestions.  Using the picture cards, labels and sign, children must guess what categories the cards belong in and what heroic feature they highlight in Christ that we ourselves can imitate.  Christ's arch enemy, the devil, is our enemy too.  Christ's teaching the apostles to pray, teaches us to pray as well.  His sidekicks, his apostles (the saints) are our sidekicks too!!  It really is such a fun lesson.

Click Here to download this Faith lesson now.

I hope it helps you in your own little homeschool or CCD class in some way.


Kalei - That Resource Team


Anonymous said...

What a fun and informative lesson! Thanks so much for sharing this. I plan to use this with my kids faith notebooks...the cards could go in pockets labeled with the particular hero trait. The artwork is just right. They will love it!

That Resource Team said...

Yes, pockets could be a wonderful use for the cards. Good idea, thanks for sharing!

mum6kids said...

Lovely set, thank you- and I love the new look you've set up for the blog. You've put a lot of effort in
God bless

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