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How is the foundation of your home? NEW Classic Three Little Pigs Unit Study

New Three Little Pigs unit study mimics our Gospel today on the importance of building our homes (hearts) on a good foundation.

I couldn't have planned the timing of this post any better.  Today's Sunday Gospel was on Matthew 7:21-27.  After listening to Father W's homily this morning on the importance of building our home on solid ground, I thought it was the perfect day to share our latest novel unit study.  Much in the vain of our In Johnny Crow's Garden book study, this study provides the text and all the resources you need to bring this classic story to life including a new interactive online quizzing game.

There are many things we have included in this study.  The very first and main part of this story is the PIY (print it yourself) version of this particular story, the Three Little Pigs by L.Leslie Brooke.  This is one of the earlier versions of this tale dating back to 1904.  It offers quite a bit more of a plot and details than the more watered down version that youngsters are currently exposed.  If you are accustomed to the rich writing style of  Andrew Lang, then you will also appreciate this story with such lovely illustrations. There is much that can be discussed in this story in terms of virtuous living, motives for action, and justice; it is suited even for older Gr.4-6 learners as well.

This unit study includes the following resources:
  • PIY text
  • Printable plot game to help with narration tasks
  • Colouring sheets that allow for "you draw too" type of art fun plus some copywork opportunities
  • Printable word search, crossword, word scramble, and cryptogram puzzles
  • Grammar focused activity cards
  • New Online interactive game to test reading comprehension
This unit could easily be a few days of learning fun for your kids. 

Click HERE to visit this unit study resource page and see all the activities and fun waiting for you!

We hope that you find great value in the study of this classic tale.


Kalei - That Resource Team

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