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Let us Help you Celebrate Lent with Resources that Call to the Heart of our Faith

Printable poster sheet for the Seventh Station.
Praying and learning the Stations of the Cross is an easy way to keep focused during Lent.

This Friday we will begin praying the Stations of the Cross weekly in our church, as many parishes will do. The Way of the Cross is perhaps one of the most moving prayers and I still cry every time I pray it in church. As I teach my children and those of our parish about the importance of Lent, I always rely on the Stations of the Cross to serve as a visual and prayerful representation of the season. Over the years I have created many different kinds of resources for my CCD classes as well as our little homeschool. I thought that I would share them with you to hopefully bring the richness and beauty of the season to your kiddos at home or in class.

For your convenience, you can now find all of our resources for the Stations of the Cross in one spot.  We have a reference list of the stations and visual depictions along with our lot of free printable resources.  Here are a few highlights of some of the resources.

New Notebooking Sheet Set
Find our set of twelve notebooking sheets as a general set for the Stations of the Cross.  This set comes in three layouts with four different line spacing options to meet the needs of learners of all ages. There is ample room to write, draw or write and draw. 

New Faith Learning Card Set Featuring Lent and the Stations of the Cross
Simply print these cards out, cut apart, fold and glue. We laminate our cards so that they can be taken outside, used on sick days, or even taken to church for our  Friday night Stations of the Cross as a reference for the wee ones.  We love these little learning flashcards.

Stations of the Cross Montessori Cards
These little gems feature each of the fourteen Stations of the Cross featuring mosaic artwork.  As seen in my parish, these are wonderful pieces and really help to bring the stations to life without forcing little minds and hearts to cling to gore or fear in seeing our Lord. 

Printable Posters
As depicted at the top of the page, these are rich vibrant poster pages that again use the mosaics from my parish.  My photographer friend and fellow catechist, Lil, took these great shots knowing that we were going to use them to help in the catechises of young hearts and minds.  Once laminated, these are great around the classroom or even down the hallway of the family home.  This is a larger file, but so beautiful.

And there's more on the page as well to download and use throughout the season of Lent.  You will also note a few brand new online games that we have created to help encourage children and parents to learn more about the Catholic faith.  If you like them, feel free to add them to your blog or website.  Celebrate the season with knowledge of our Faith.

Click HERE to see all of our Stations of the Cross resources in one spot.


You can now download the complete sets of planning journal pages for 2011 as Michelle over at Thinking love, No Twaddle blog has sent over December sets and you can find them on her sharing page HERE.  Thanks Michelle for all of your energy!!  May God bless you always!

If you are part of our Facebook friends, then you already knew this. :)  Feel free to join our little group on Facebook anytime.

One more Late Addition!!  Many liked the Three Little Pigs book study we posted earlier this week.  We have since added quite a few more resources that can be used in this study including some rabbit trails for studying pigs, wolves, and math topics including ordinal numbers and telling time to the hour.  Don't forget to try our online review game as well.  Stop by and take a peek again.

We hope that our resources help to bring prayerful joy to your Lenten season.

Kalei - That Resource Team

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