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Resources to Help Teach About the Annunciation

Fun resources help children of all ages celebrate the most beautiful event of the Annunciation.

On Friday, we will celebrate the Feast of the Annunciation.  In honour of this very special and historical event, many of us will read the Gospel, pray the Hail Mary prayer or even the rosary.  As we reflect on the Virgin's Mary answer to the call of our Lord for obedience, trust, devotion and love, let us too, be willing to say a hope filled, YES, to our call of service to God, our children, and one another.

We have just uploaded a new page to the main resource site that celebrates the Mystery of the Annunciation with lots of resources that you may find helpful to use this week or any week in your little homeschool, Bible study or CCD class. 

Our resource list includes mini-books, notebooking sheets, games, puzzles, learning cards, trading cards and more.  Here are just a few samples. 

We hope you find something useful and enjoyable to help bring understanding of the Annunciation to the hearts and minds of your little learners.

Click HERE to visit our new page - Free Resources to Help Children Learn About the Annunciation.

If you can think of someone else who might be able to benefit from our FREE resources - a fellow homeschooler, a catechist from your parish, or even a friend who is just beginning to ponder homeschooling their children - why not send them on over to see how easy it is to let God permeate our teaching and lessons. :)


Kalei - That Resource Team

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