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New Resource Set for The Fairy-Land of Science by Arabella Buckley

Bring God's Glory to life with a beautiful read and notebooking sheets.

Part of the appeal of the Charlotte Mason (CM) method of learning, for many homeschoolers, is the focus on the use of living books - literary works that call to the heart and mind of the reader so that they, and the truths they contain, are not forgotten. 

The Fairy-Land of Science (Yesterday's Classics)The Fairy-Land of Science by Arabella Buckley is just such an example of a living book.  It can be used as a read aloud for those 7-9 years old or as independent read for slightly older children. This book approaches science in a truly unique way calling to the whimsical side of childhood from the fact filled side of scientific truth.  Although she lovingly names and metaphorically refers to aspects of nature as "fairies," this book is not light nor fluffy.  It is a good solid read and sure to be a memorable reading experience when digested slowly. 

You can expect to cover the following topics:
*Sun beams/light
*Aerial ocean /atmosphere
*Water cycle
*Water and ice/forces that shape the land
*Voices of nature & how we use them/sound
*Parts of a Primrose/Plants and lifecycle of plants
*History of a Piece of Coal
*Bees in the Hive/Bees
*Bees and Flowers/Pollination

Today we share a 12 page set of notebooking sheets to help children note down or narrate about the wondrous things they learn about in the ten lectures in this book.  The set focuses on the elements, or fairies, presented in the book.  Using vintage style black and white graphics that could be coloured in, these sheets are easy on the printer and not distracting.  This set has many differently designed pages to make sure there is something for each age group to appreciate and use whether they prefer for draw, write or draw and write.  Our standard pages with four different line spacing options are also included for those who like to write a bit more than draw.  This can easily become a work that will be referred to over and over again.

Click HERE to download this set and see our collection of science notebooking sheets.
Click HERE to see our entire collection of notebooking sheets.
Click The Fairy-Land of Science (Yesterday's Classics) to purchase and add this book to your home library now.


Kalei - That Resource Team


Eva said...

My son has read parts of this book and really likes it. Thanks for creating these pages!

Anonymous said...

We're reading this at the moment. Thank you :)

Kalei said...

I'm so glad that you can find this resource set useful. This is such a great read for Charlotte Mason fans, nature lovers and those who just can't get enough science.

Blessings, Kalei

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