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Science F3 Pieces to Help Young Scientists Discover the Fun of Physics and Chemistry

New F3 Pieces help learners grasp basic physics terms using writing and art skills.

As we continue to organize the study of the elements and periodic table in our own homeschool, we offer some new F3 pieces designed to help children discover some of the most basic terms used in physics and chemistry.  This first set includes the terms:  atom, matter, molecule, element, compound, solution, and mixture. These pieces are very versatile as they can be glued into a science notebook, a notebooking project, one of our F3 folders, or glued onto plain paper and then bound on the left hand side to make a book.  You may find yet another way to use them. :)  These graphic organizer styled pieces combine writing, art, comprehension, and fun.  Another plus for these pieces is that they can be used with whatever resources you have at home or can easily find at the library making them very flexible and cost effective. 

To use this resource simply print out the pages, cut apart pieces on the lines, fill in, fold and finish with artwork and a glue stick.  The detailed directions are included though you can really get a good idea of the finished piece with the picture above.

We hope that these pieces bring fun to your learning day and inspire your young scientist to learn even more about God's glory in action.

Click Here to download this new set of science F3 Pieces.


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