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New Timeline Resource

New timeline helps children learn about the order of just about anything you desire

From the creative mind of Michelle over at Thinking Love, No Twaddle comes this fun and easy to make printable timeline that allows learners to solidify content through pictures, quotes, thoughts, and more.  The timeline lines come in various colours and the simple pieces and arrows add charm and versatility to this project.

To use this resource, simply decide on the content you want to cover, print out the desired lines and pieces, cut them out and affix to a surface like a wall, poster board, a door, bulletin board or oversized 3-ringed binder.  Divide out your content by important points, and then note and affix your corresponding pieces to the timeline using the pieces provided or your own pictures or cards.

Timelines can be intimidating for many home learners, newbies and veterans alike.  Charlotte Mason method home learners are encouraged to begin using a timeline resource with their children to assist in the study of history by about the age of ten.  This resource takes the fear out of timelines as it can be used to study a number of subjects including a singular novel, an author's list of works by dates written, the Bible, the development of an invention such as the automobile, the biography of someone - including your child.

NOTE:  Learners can easily make a timeline about their own life and put it on their bedroom door, adding to it weekly, monthly or as events happen throughout the year.  :)  This can easily remind parents of activities that can be used for proof of learning for their own records of that of an formal education program like distance learning.  Timelines don't need to be fancy or big to relay the idea of the succession of events or ideas based on time.      

Thanks so much Michelle for sharing this resource with other homeschooling families.  May God bless you and your family always for all that you make and share with others!!

We hope this resource helps you and your children discover and learn about many new and exciting things together.

Click Here to download this timeline resource now.


That Resource Team

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