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New Science Big Book of Narration to Study the Periodic Table

New Big Book of Narration makes the study of the periodic table more meaningful.

Today we feature a resource for slightly older learners.  We are starting a unit on elements and the periodic table this week and we thought that we would share our science resources with you.  We will be using narration as part of the Charlotte Mason method of learning for our core activities.  The books we will be using are The Mystery of the Period Table by Benjamin D. Wiker, a Catholic professor and very solid science writer and The Elements - A Visual Exploration of Every Known Atom in the Universe by Theodore Gray.  The first book is on many CMers reading list and lends itself very nicely to narration.  The second is a wonderful and captivating book about the elements as many of us have probably never seen them.  You can read more about it HERE and see the few sample pages that really drew us to buy and use this book.  WOW!!  As we begin this science theme in our own homeschool, we share our core narration resource, the My Big Book of Narration for The Mystery of the Periodic Table by Benjamin Wiker with you today.

This new CM narration resource features a bit more space for narration in unique ways.  The usual space for drawing a picture and writing a few pages is included, but we have also provided spaces for Terms to Know, Neat Facts I Remember, and Questions or Thoughts That I Have.  These spaces really allow children to think about not only recalling detailed information but whole concepts that are being presented as well. 

To use this resource, simply print out the pages in order, fold them in half and bind on the left using a binding of choice including long duo-tangs, a comb-bind spine, rings, a small three ringed binder or any other way you may choose.  You can see our assembly instructions and collection of Big Books for Narration HERE.

Click Here to download this new narration resource now.

We hope this helps you in your science learning and we look forward to sharing more resources to accompany this unit very soon.


That Resource Team

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