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New Resource Based on Servitude - How Do I Serve? Oversized Calendar

New bright oversized monthly wall calendar helps children to think about how that all jobs can serve the Lord.

I was inspired by the Gospel used during daily mass a few weeks ago (Luke 10:1-12) which spoke very clearly about servitude.  "The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few."  I was stirred to think about how everyone is called to serve not just the seventy that Christ chose.  I prompted me to think even more about how each person serves the Lord from the place they are at.  Every worker, every parent, every person is called to serve our Lord in some unique way.

Today I offer this new oversized monthly wall calendar.  This is question game style calendar that asks the question daily: " How do I serve?"  Using the daily graphic as a starting point, great little discussions can follow about how each person can serve our Lord through serving each other in their daily occupation.  This set can be used year round with its colourful monthly header as well as the other corresponding decorations.  I have even included two Bible passages that could be discussed when using this resource.

To use this resource, simply print out the pages (cardstock works best), cut apart pieces on the lines, and affix to a large poster template that you can easily make using standard poster-board or a bulletin board.  See HERE for a photo sample of template and template instructions as well as to see our entire collection of interactive calendars.

This resource is the first in a series dedicated to the idea of servitude.  Visit us tomorrow for another corresponding resource.

Click Here to download the How do I Serve? Oversized Wall Calendar


Kalei - That Resource Team

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