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Create a Fun Fall Holiday Setting With Our Free Printable Table Decorations

Create a fun fall table perfect for Thanksgiving or any fall family gathering.

Yesterday we shared a cute little printable place card resource that we will be using for our Thanksgiving celebration this coming Monday here in Canada.  Inspired by the smiles it brought to my kiddos, I began creating a full matching place setting for each family member for our Thanksgiving table.  I thought that I would share this fun printable set with you for your own Thanksgiving meal whether it falls in October, November, or when you are perhaps doing Our Virtue Study on Thankfulness.

These table decorations are fast to make, fun, and child friendly.  These resources allow children to help set the table with smiles and flare practicing good manners and demonstrating independence.  From place mats with prayers to napkin rings, our Monday meal is sure to be filled with smiles from guests of all ages. 

Our resource set, as pictured above, includes:

Goblet or Wine Glass Marker
All of our guests drink out of these style glasses, even if they are only filled with chilled water.  This resource piece is simple to make.  There are five to a sheet.  Simply print out, cut apart on the dotted lines, write your guest's name on the piece and attach to a stemmed glass as pictured at left.

Click Here to download our Goblet/Wine glass marker resource.

Drink Coaster
These fun coasters are perfect for pre-meal beverages.  I print out ours on cardstock and heat laminate with .5mil sheets.  This makes them very durable and usable year after year.  This resource comes two to a page.  Simply print out and cut apart on lines.

Click Here to download our fall drink coaster resource.

Napkin Ring
There is something about cloth napkins that help make a table seem fancy.  Actually we use cloth napkins in our home for all of our meals because it is more economical and eco-friendly; not to mention it feels nicer on our faces than does paper.  I sewed some napkins using fall fabric a year or so ago.  I simply roll the napkin up and wrap with this paper napkin ring.  Just tape the paper ends together at the back.  This allows it to fit on just about any size napkin.  And don't forget, you could use these with paper as well for a faster meal clean-up.

Click Here to download our fall napkin ring resource.

Place mat
These ledger sized printables are very cute and can be used over and over again during the autumn season if you cover them with contact paper or laminate them.  This two page .PDF file comes with a mat that has a traditional grace before meals printed on it as well as in a blank version without grace. 

Now this is a larger size 11x17" resource so I realize that not everyone has this size setting available on their printer.  Not to fear, I have a 2 page, banner type version also available both with grace and without.  To use the banner type style, simply print it out, overlap the pages to make the graphics match, tape at the back, and you have a neat little place mat.

Click Here to download the ledger size place mat.
Click Here to download the banner type 2 page place mat with grace.
Click Here to download the banner type 2 page place mat without grace.

I hope you find these useful for your fall festivities and family gatherings.  Hopefully I will be able to share and post a few more goodies for fall this week. 


Kalei - That Resource Team

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