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New How Do I Serve? Art Narration Cards

New art narration sheets help children discern the value of servitude

When we were little children we often dreamed of what we were going to be when we grew up.  Depending on where you lived and your cultural background, you had a whole slew of ideas that probably changed as you grew older.  Most children are directed to be in careers that provide good incomes, comfort in life, and in some cases, prestige.  But as children of the Lord we know that we are put here to know, love, and serve Him and each other.  Period.  He doesn't specify our careers or how we are to serve except to say as He does in Matthew 25:34-46 that whatever we do for the least of our brothers that which we do for Him.  Today we offer resources that help children think about how each person serves one another through their chosen occupation.

These sheets directly correspond to the How do I Serve? Oversized Monthly Calendar which we shared yesterday.  As you discuss the daily occupation graphic from the calendar you can ask children about the importance of the occupation to the community at large and how that is connected to servitude of the Lord and others.  These sheets are colourful and simple to use for just about any age.  Simply print out the sheet, fill in and finish the picture using the graphic provided as a starting point.  When completed, have the children write about how the person is serving, what is going on in their picture, or reiterate a portion of your family discussion.  Fold in half and glue when completed.  Learners can then share with each other their finished cards.  You could bind all cards on the left with brads, half a file folder, key ring, or a spine of some sort to create a book of their writing and artwork for the month.  These are great for Charlotte Mason style learners beginning to use narration or those who need to show proof of learning in the form of writing samples.

There are three sets in this collection totally 31 different sheets.  We hope these sheets help stimulate some excellent Christian discussions.  Don't forget to look up the Bible verse mentioned above (Matthew 25:34-46) and read it together as a family.  :)

Click Here to download set 1 of How Do I Serve Art Narration Sheets - 10p.
Click Here to download set 2 of How Do I Serve Art Narration Sheets - 10p.
Click Here to download set 3 of How Do I Serve Art Narration Sheets - 11p.

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