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Notebooking Sheet for the Elements and Printable Periodic Table Posters

Notebooking Sheet and Posters help older learners explore the Elements and the Periodic Table

Chemistry and Physics have never really been my friends.  In fact, I never really enjoyed science until I was learning about Charlotte Mason's method and realized that science really was God's glory in action.  We now think of it from that perspective in our little homeschool and that makes us want to explore science in a more fun and natural way.  One of the ways to approach science is with notebooking.  Simply noting down what jumps out to you in your comprehension of information that has been read, heard, watched, observed, or studied in some other way.  Today we offer a special notebooking sheet designed by one of our daughters.  She wanted things just this way and so I copied her design and created this printable and a few little posters sheets for reference.

This notebooking sheet is fairly detailed and definitely geared for a bit older learners.  These sheets could be done one for each element but that is a huge undertaking.  A more realistic way to use it for elements are very abundant in our world.  Considering that 98.5% of the earth is made up of only 8 elements, we may all really want to consider exploring these elements a bit more in depth.  I learned this little statistical ditty in my reading of our CM selection, The Mystery of the Periodic Table by Benjamin D. Wiker. :) 

The posters are perfect for reference on a wall or to glue into a F3 folder, notebook, tablet, or other learning project.  If you are like us and using the book, The Elements by Theodore Gray, your learner could colour in the black and white version of the periodic table to match the one in the book.  Just a colourful thought. :)

We hope that these resources help you in your exploration of God's Glory in action.

Click Here to download the Element notebooking sheet.
Click Here to download the Periodic Table posters.


Kalei - That Resource Team

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