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Let Your Fall Decorations Call You to Prayer

Fall decorations remind us to pray for one another

Fall signals the beginning of the hustle and bustle that is to come over the next three months.  We count our blessings as we are usually already in need and calling for more things - more time, more talent, more treasure, more teaching.  We can easily feel overwhelmed by all the tasks that we set up for ourselves to accomplish.  There is so much to do, prepare for, buy, cook, create, teach . . . and . . . remember in prayer.  We created this easy and inexpensive family prayer project to help us and our family stay focused on God's will and not our own.  It is to remind us to offer our daily vocation, "All for You, Lord."

You will need:
  • Washable tempera paint in fall colours - orange, green, red, yellow
  • Sheets of white paper - the larger the better.  Newspaper end-rolls work well.
  • Scissors
  • Removable scotch or painters tape
  • Washable black, fat marker
  • Fat tipped gold marker
Apply paint in blobs to the paper.  Using falling leaves as inspiration, have children finger paint until the desired fall effect is reached.  Then let the paper dry very well.  Our project used two large table sized sheets of paper as pictured here. 

Using the black washable marker, trace your child's hands spread out as shown in the picture on the darkest parts of your picture.  This will represent a dried Maple leaf.  Trace hands with fingers close together on the lightest parts of your artwork to represent an Elm leaf. 

Cut apart leaves using scissors.  Children can easily do this part.  The more helpers you have, the faster the cutting goes.  Don't worry about perfection, it's about the fun and time spent together.

Next, think about the people in your life that have asked for prayers or are in need of prayers.  Think of the ill, the less fortunate, relatives, ministry workers, other homeschooling families, and don't forget your pastor and the Holy Souls in Purgatory.  Write one intention on each of the Elm leaves. 

Turn leaves over and affix tape loops to the back of the leaves.   

Place the dark, Maple leaves in place first on your wall.  We recommend using a very high traffic area such as your kitchen or your learning area.  Then place the Elm leaves with the golden intentions over top of the Maple leaves.

As you pass by or gather for meals, remember to pray for those golden intentions.  Keep these up until Advent and add additional leaves as needed.

Don't let the festivities and busy-ness of the up coming holidays and seasons change your family focus.  Keep it in your heart to focus on your vocation and simply offer - All for You, Lord!!


That Resource Team

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