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How Do I Serve? Card Games

Little cards make learning about servitude big learning fun

As we continue to learn about servitude and how we are all called to be servants of the Lord through serving each other, we created another little game that helps learn about servants in our community.  This is a great resource for use with a 'community workers' unit.  This game allows multiple types of play.  If you print out just one set, you can use it for a concentration style matching graphic with job title, playing "Serve With Love" which is a variation of old maid, or go fish as well.  If you print out two sets you can use it to play a larger game of concentration matching type games.  This resource allows for 1-4 players of the various games.

To use this resource, simply print out the file onto cardstock, cut apart on the lines, and begin using for fun play. 

Tip:  You can also print the file out on regular paper and cut apart and glue to an index card.  You can laminate your finished pieces for durability or longevity.

We hope this helps add fun to your learning day.

Click Here to download the How Do I Serve? Card Game


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