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LIttle Lesson is Perfect for Teaching About Heroism

Little lapbook lesson brings an old heroine to life.

Looking for a little side lesson to help bring a bit of extra history or geography to life while focusing on a truly heroic young lady?  If you wish it were a bit of a cut-n-paste, "doing something" learning activity too, then we may have just the thing for you and the kiddos.  Shell of Thinking Love, No Twaddle has just shared with us a little lesson she created about Grace Darling. 

Fifty Famous Stories Retold [50 FAMOUS STORIES RETOLD]I remember first reading about Grace Darling in Fifty Famous Stories Retold  by James Baldwin.  This was a beloved read-aloud that is very popular with Charlotte Mason Style learners.  We read it about four years ago and are getting ready to embark on a second reading this coming September.  This latest lesson from Shell is a perfect addition to your reading of the story entitled, simply, Grace Darling.

In this self-contained lesson you will find background information about the heroism of Grace Darling plus a few pages of lapbook pieces.  It is a great story and the pieces are inviting and colourful.  She has created the file so that it can be printed double sided without cutting the text part of the lesson off with the lapbooking pieces.

Here is a peak at some of the pages:

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Check back with us shortly as we have a few other resources to share from Shell.


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