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Additions and Fave Resources for Animals - Now All in One Place

Learn about animals with our inviting resources for online and offline use

Animals are one of the most inviting topics of study for young learners.  One sure way we learn about God's glory is through the study of His creations, and in this case we will focus on animals.  As we are still in the process of renovating our new website, we thought that it would be a nice idea to start grouping some of the resources together by topics.  We have begun doing this in our Saint Resources area as well and now we will begin adding them to our Printables resource area.  

By grouping themed resources together, we hope to make things easier for those who are using the unit study approach as well as give new ideas to those who may otherwise be only thinking of one kind of resource to meet there child's learning needs.  For example, when you visit our new animals themed page, you will not only find photo learning cards but printable games, over sized wall calendar pieces, animal specific graphic organizers, animal detective worksheets, phonics cards, reading resources. 

You will even find an online game for your kiddos to play as we begin to grow our online learning section.  We have a few colouring sheets to add on as well, but we just couldn't get to them today.  We will be adding those on in the very near future.

We hope that you find something neat and useful for your own little homeschool or classroom and we look forward to adding more and more resources to each theme page as we upload and add them to our site.

Visit our Animal Theme Page Now.

Don't forget, if you've found something useful from our resource collection that you would like to share with others, please feel free to share our blog or website with your friends and fellow homeschoolers or join us on Facebook and share us with your friends there too.  Many times we share little extras and links there before we post about them on the blog or site.


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