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They are Finally Finished and Ready for Downloading..all 26 of them!!

Free notebooking packets to accompany our latest timeline project are waiting for you!!

Our timeline projects are a clear-cut favourite amongst our visitours.  To help bring even more meaning to them we have tried to include go-along printable resources.  In our latest offering called, The  Little Timeline of Composers, we have included the timeline, the image pieces, and reference sheet.  We also included composer biography learning cards that children can create and collect on their own.

To help further bring this resource to life, we have now added notebooking sheet packets for each composer on the timeline.  Each packet includes 21 pages of various layouts, styles and line spacing options.  Sheets highlight the composer as well as the time period of their works - Baroque, Classical, Romantic, Late Romantic, Impressionist, or Modern.  A matching image from the timeline is included on some of the layouts too.  Some layouts are especially useful for listing major compositions or creating a timeline for the life or accomplishments of each composer.

We will begin this study in our own little homeschool next week incorporating reading about composers, listening to their actual works and getting to know each, one by one.  We are looking forward to delightful learning. 

Click HERE to visit our Composer Notebooking Sheets page.
Click HERE to see all of Notebooking Resources.

As a side note:
If you are looking for neat way to help your children learn about a few of the most famous composers, then you might want to check out the Classical Kids series.  We own most of them and have loved using them over the years.  For some children this will really bring the composers and their music to life.  Each tale features a specific composer and a sampling of their work set to an interesting historical fiction plot incorporating children as some of the main characters.  You can order them in tangible format of CD or even a DVD movie.  Some are now available for instant MP3 download.  Here are some of our favourites.

Beethoven Lives UpstairsVivaldi's Ring of Mystery (Audio CD)

 Tchaikovsky Discovers America


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