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LIttle Cards Help Make Big Learning in Greek and Music

Don't worry about cramming it all in; little by little works well too.

I spend most of my year teaching and thinking about education.  I am either teaching my own children or children at our parish (CCD) or pondering and preparing my lessons for teaching the next year.  I am always looking for new ways to introduce new information, concepts and lessons.  It can be a big task, unless of course I remember that I am teaching little hearts and minds.  The key word is little.

There always seems to be a struggle about how much information we can concretely deliver into little hearts and young minds.  Many of us start off one of two ways.  We either begin rather zealously and fizzle out with fatigue or we begin feeling in control only to hit a cramming session at the end of the year when we find we have not met our learning goals.  If you are following a prepared curriculum or adhere to state or government standards you must meet certain criteria or learning outcomes.  This can be overwhelming to both teacher and learner.  Not running a good race, as I think of St.Paul, a race that is consistent, steady, paced, and goal oriented, will undoubtedly lead to exhaustion, fatigue and in most cases, tears and despair.  We must remember, as Christians, that we are always to be a  people of hope.

As promised, today we have more goodies to share from Shell over at Thinking Love, No Twaddle.  Shell's resources reminded me about how presenting big information in little ways (cards in this instance) can bring about great learning.  By teaching new information consistently in little increments and reviewing often, big tasks become a series of little victories - even in the subjects of Greek and music.

In Greek, these colourful printable resource sheets are cut into fun little cards that help teach about the Greek alphabet.  Find cards in different styles to help solidify learning the different facets of the Greek alphabet including symbols and pronunciation.

In music, the resource she shares helps teach young children rhythm in 4/4 time.  By using a little string of words, clapping, and little cards, children can become comfortable in picking and repeating rhythms.  This seems elementary and unnecessary until you realize that not every one has this ability naturally.  If you have ever tried to teach rhythm to someone who has none, you know how daunting and fragile this task can be.

Click HERE to see this and other of Shell's Greek resources.
Click HERE to see this and other of Shell's Music resources.

Thank you so much Shell for sharing your time and talent with all of us!  :)


Kalei - That Resource Team

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