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And now for some tangible and online fun with the Ten Commandments

Looking for ways to teach about the Ten Commandments?  See what we have to share for learning online as well as offline.

One of the most popular topics that teachers and parents tackle is teaching and reviewing the Ten Commandments with their children or class.  The Ten Commandments are a very important part of our faith. Without knowing the Ten Commandments, God's rules for us to live by, we cannot possibly perform an examination of conscience to be able to receive the Sacrament of Reconciliation or improve ourselves by developing virtues which are directly contrary to sin.

Teaching children about the Ten Commandments seems overwhelming at first, but it can easily be done using a variety of our resources whether you teach in your homeschool, CCD class or traditional classroom.

The Ten Commandments
One of the very first recommendations we give to parents and fellow catechists is to begin early in life and consider using the book pictured at right: The Ten Commandments by Rev. Lawrence G. Lovasik as a base. With a Nihil Obstat and Imprimatur, this little picture book helps to introduce and easily explain each of the commandments one by one with timely examples which ring true today just as they did when this book was written in 1978. A very simple approach is to read through the book and then reinforce the content and teachings using our free printable resources.

You will find a very nice selection of free printables including:
  • *notebooking sheets,
  • *mini-books,
  • *printable games,
  • *hand-outs,
  • *learning cards,
  • *colouring sheets,
  • *worksheets 
We even share two brand new FREE online games that we have created just for you and your learners, which directly correspond with the content.

We hope you find these resources for studying the laws for virtuous living fun and useful in your own little homeschool or classroom.

Visit our Ten Commandments Resource page right now to see all that is waiting for you.


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