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F3 Resources to Help Study About the Gospel and the Evangelists

Encourage learners to Explore the Gospels

Lent and Easter provide us with a great opportunity to hear the Gospel from more than one Evangelist.  We know that the word gospel means "good news" while evangelist means "teller of the good news - our Saviour has come".  The Evangelists - Matthew, Mark, Luke and John - each have a unique way of writing about the life of our Lord in the books of the New Testament called the Gospels

St. John wrote as a loving friend of Jesus; his gospel is often referred to as the Gospel of Love

St. Matthew writes as a apostle or eyewitness and includes more of Jesus' teachings on the heavenly kingdom than any of the other writers.  For example, he writes a complete account of the Sermon on the Mount. 

St. Luke gives a great detailed account as one would expect from a doctor.  Although He did not know or travel with the Master, he interviewed many people who did including the Blessed Virgin Mary.  A co-worker with St. Paul, and author of the book the Acts of the Apostles, he compiled all of the interviews he took about the life and times of our Lord Jesus into one very detailed account.  His writings were meant for everyone who loves God.

St. Mark wrote his gospel account in the words of St. Peter.  It is Peter's eyewitness account of Jesus' ministry, life, death and Resurrection. 

Each cover and include many of the same facts, but sometime there are unique differences that set them apart for the reader.  One easy example of this can be seen in when the author's introduce our Lord.  Matthew begins at the genealogy of Christ, while Mark begins with John the Baptist crying out in the wilderness. St. John's Gospel was the last to be written of the four and included many details left out by the other three writers. 

To help learners (both young and old) more easily understand the Bible, we created a few notebooking sheets and F3 (flip, flap and fold) pieces that can be used to learn about the evangelists, the Gospels and then individual accounts in the Bible. 

The notebooking sheets give an opportunity to comparatively write out the details of a specific event as it occurs in each gospel.  We have created two sheets.  One could write or draw details.  These can be useful for grades 4+.

The F3 pieces provided are patterned after the inquisitive KWL style organize(know, want to know, have learned).  In this set you will find sets featuring:  the Gospels, The Evangelists, St. Matthew, St. Mark, St. Luke and St. John.  There is opportunity for drawing as well as writing.  This F3 project resource can be completed and mounted on card stock and then bound together using a spine of some sort, brads, rings or any other way that you may prefer. 

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