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Learn Your Colours in Latin with Reading, Fun and Games!

Resources to learn colour words in Latin or accompany the book Quo Colore Est? (What color is it?) by Marie Carducci Bolchazy.

If you are studying Latin or would like to introduce your kiddos to Latin, why not start with learning the colour words.  By starting with a non-threatening topic such as a box of crayons, children of all ages can build confidence and proficiency in learning a foreign language. 
What Color Is It?/Quo Colore Est?: Quo Colore Est? : Latin/English Version 'I Am Reading Latin' Series)

Although Latin is considered a dead language, it is still quite useful for those who will be studying medicine, science, theology, history, of other foreign languages.  There are tons of titles available in Latin which still have not yet been translated into English and Latin helps develop the vocabulary of those learning and perfecting their English vocab and usage too.

Our family loves using the series of books from Marie Carducci Bolchazy.  We have just successfully completed using the book What Color Is It?/Quo Colore Est?: Quo Colore Est? : Latin/English Version 'I Am Reading Latin' Series) with our youngest kiddo.  This series focuses on simple topics that are meaningful to children including animals, family relationships and food.  Each title is available with a read along C/D.  Three different word endings are used in the book however our resources focus on just one for simplicity sake.  The illustrations in the book are simple black and white images and quite nicely done.  They could easily be coloured in by your child with coloured pencils. 

Who Loves Me?/Quis Me Amat? (Bolchazy, Marie Carducci. I Am Reading Latin Book.)  What Will I Eat?: Quid Edam? (An I Am Reading Latin Book)  How Many Animals?/Quot Animalia?: Quot Animalia (An I Am Reading Latin Book)

To help enhance this book we created some fun go along free resources including printable Latin games, Latin worksheets, Latin Posters and Vocab cards and a few extras as well.  We invite you to visit our resource page and start the Latin learning fun.  Sometimes people can feel intimidated by Latin, but as our pastor explained to our girls, the nice thing about Latin is that at some point you will learn all there is to know about it since it is not a living language.  The end will eventually be in  One of our children found this to be a very comforting thought. :)

Click HERE to visit our resource page to accompany Quo Colore Est or learning your colours in Latin.

Let us know if you find these free printables fun and useful.



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