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A Must Have Timeline Featuring the Composers

Composer timeline is sure to be that fun little extra your homeschool music learning sessions are craving

Timelines are always a popular way of learning all kinds of different material for just about any style learner.  Classical, Charlotte Mason style, hands-on or even traditional learners can all find something useful in finding out about who the master composers were, when they lived, and in which musical period they created their masterpieces. 

In many of our religious services we hear beautiful hymns some of which are based on, derived from or created works of the master composers.  God Created Earth and Heaven, which is created from the melody of  Ode to Joy by Ludwig van Beethoven, is just such a hymn.  My children could immediately see the importance of the composers, once they heard this hymn sung years ago.  After just a bit of research, we further learned that many musicians created works inspired by God or their faith.  Of course, this is not true of all composers, but each composer has made a significant contribution to our musical heritage.
Timeline Sample Pieces

To help bring the composers to life for younger learners, we have created a Little Timeline of Composers which features 26 different composers as well as includes one space for another composer of your choice which may not have been included in our resource offering.  Timeline picture cards of each composer are provided with their name, birth and death details, as well as the musical period of their works.  The lines for affixing the cards are simple, bright and colourful.  Set-up instructions are included as well as a very handy composer reference sheet to help you remember the order and details of the composers.

Timeline Sample
Timelines are always popular with homeschoolers and our special creations seem to be favourites of our regular visitors to our resource website and blog.  We are certain that this one will become a favourite too.  As an added extra, we have created matching Biography Learning Cards featuring the composers.  You will also find a few additional composers available who are not part of the timeline unit to inspire you to add one composer of your own selection to the timeline.  We have left a blank card specifically for this purpose.

Now, if you are thinking the only thing that would make this project even better is matching notebooking sheets, we were thinking that same thing too! :)   Twenty-one page notebooking sets for each composer and their music period are on the way.  About half of them are created and we will work on the rest of the sets to perhaps post later in the week.

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If you know another homeschooling family or teacher who could benefit from this resource, please feel free to introduce them to our blog and website.  We would appreciate it and they hopefully will too.


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