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New Dino Fun Printable Resources including Montessori Cards

New resources help children learn about some of the largest animals that God ever created.

Inspired by our latest Faith lesson on creation and the Little Lessons on science from Michelle Scott over at Thinking Love, No Twaddle, our youngest became interested in dinosaurs.  So to help in this study we created some printable resources that we hope your learners will enjoy using as much as ours do.  Today we offer the Dino-detective Science Sheet and a set of 24 dinosaur Montessori cards.
The Dino science worksheet (pictured at left) offers learners the opportunity to explore the details of the dinosaur of their choice.  Learners will be asked to find out such information as the meaning of their selected Dino's name, their size, eating habits and where have fossils of this animal been found in the world.  There is also a spot for a picture to be drawn or pasted in.  These detective style sheets are always a favourite with our children.  You can see other detective sheets we have available here.

The other resource offered today is set of 24 Montessori Cards depicting some lesser known dinosaurs and prehistoric animals that children may want to get to know.   These cards are perfect for laminating and game play.  The images are in colour and very engaging.

We have a few more fun Dino resources to share this week so stop in again soon or better yet subscribe to our feed so that you don't miss them. 

Click Here to download our Dino Detective Sheet.
Click Here to download our Dino Montessori Card Set.


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