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Countdown to Our Lord's Arrival Using Our Monthly Oversized Wall Calendar

Let the countdown to our Lord's arrival begin!!

Most children especially love to countdown to important dates or events.  Our children are no different.  As we focus on the first week of Advent, we think about the hope that the promise of our Lord's birth brings for our eternal salvation.  One of the three theological virtues of the church, hope is defined as one truly and strongly trusting in God for the support and attainment of salvation.

Today we offer and remind you to help your children countdown to Christmas using our over-sized family wall calendar for December themed with Christmas Preparations.  Since we are year round learners, we take all of the Advent season off from our regularly scheduled learning activities.  We have found over the years that this eases our parenting/teaching stress levels and allows our family to really focus on the season including activities such as attending daily Masses, visiting and serving those in need, having daily family prayer & devotion time, sharing time together baking, and crafting.  It's really a GREAT time to focus on building and improving home skills or Home EC. as we used to call it in high school.

Today's calendar offers festive graphics as well as pieces to mark the Sundays of Advent, the Nativity of our Lord, St. Nicholas' Feast Day and much more.  Among our most popular resources, these calendars are easy to make using poster board, a black marker and a metre or yard stick.  You can find the directions as well as the December calendar download HERE.

Do you need to be inspired today? 
Why not try reading Isaiah 60:1-3 to secure your own hope in our Lord.


That Resource Team

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