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New Greek and Latin Language Worksheets for Kids

 New worksheets to help kids learn Latin and Greek languages.

We love seeing how creative other people can be.  We find it inspirational to see how other moms or teachers design resources for the same topics we cover in our own little homeschool.  Oh the creative fun and joy that makes homeschooling so unique and effective.
Today we share resources created by Michelle over at Thinking Love, No Twaddle blog that help kids learn about the Greek and Latin languages.  The first worksheet is one that helps children learn about the Greek letters in a review form using matching strategies and a review of simple sentences that go with the Kids Greek curriculum put together by Bill Mounce.

The second resource offered today is one for Latin language lovers and those using the Latin program Getting Started With Latin by William Linney.  This two page resource is a neat little cut and paste review activity to go with lesson 24.  Very cool.
Thanks so much, Michelle for sharing your energy and creativity with us.  God bless you and yours!

Click Here to download the Little Latin Lesson 24 Sheet
Click Here to download the Little Greek, Kids Greek Review Lesson Sheets


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