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Dino Themed Resources Continue With Game Play and Reading

Encourage themed reading and exploration of prehistoric animals with simple but challenging game play.

Game play is a great way to teach and learn.  Really!!  If you have never thought of using game play in your teaching, you may want to reconsider this idea.  In our little homeschool we have used simple games to teach some very important concepts very successfully.  Think back to your own childhood.  How many things can you remember learning through game play?  Can't think of any?  How about your alphabets using hand clapping games, multiplication tables using rhyming tunes, counting money or giving change using board games or playing store, remembering number order playing card games, skipping rope to learn rhymes and poems, vocabulary using crossword puzzles, spelling playing hangman, and the list could go on and on.  We have all learned a lot of information over the course of our lives using game play, even if we don't realize it.

Today we offer the new game quest sheet, A-Z of Dinosaurs and Prehistoric Animals to help children learn the names of prehistoric animals. To play, simply provide the name of one animal for each letter of the alphabet.  Points are given for letters completed.  Any age could play this game as you simply use the resources you may have on-hand to complete the sheet.  The player with the most points wins.  A family could also play it together trying to complete it together without the use of points.  Our second grader finished all but one letter on her own, and then we looked up a Dino for the last letter on the Internet together.

You will notice that answers are not provided for most A-Z Quest sheets. We do not provide the answers as many times there can be more than one answer and we don't want to limit players or stifle their creativity. This also allows for open minded thinking and good research opportunities. Learners can play alone or in teams and keep track of who gets the most letters or play for points using the point gauge.
Words Beginning With the Letters/Points


Total score for a fully completed A-Z Quest is 60pts.*

*Note: You may decide that extra points can be given for more than one answer in a letter. Establish rules at the beginning of each quest and feel free to make changes subsequent quests as research skills improve.

Are you looking for a way to keep track of the Dinosaur themed books your child reads or perhaps a fun way to track and encourage daily reading?  How about using our new Dino themed reading bookmark?  This little bookmark has been a favourite daily task for our second grader to independently fill out and keep track of her daily Dino reading.  Simply print out the file, cut out, fold, glue and fill in.

Click Here to download our Dino themed reading log bookmark.  See our collection of bookmarks here.
Click Here to download the A-Z Quest of Dinosaurs and Prehistoric Animals. 
Learn more about A-Z Quests here.

We hope you have a joyful learning day!!


That Resource Team

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