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Thankfulness Game is a Great Addition to Your Thanksgiving Evening or Virtue Study

Thanks Bingo Game
Game play can help foster fun as well as discussions about Thankfulness.

One of our family traditions for almost every birthday and holiday year round is playing family bingo.  Whoever comes for the holiday meal is invited to play with our cute colourful, non-reading versions.  Our guests usually range from the littlest non-reader to our almost eighty year old Poppa.  We keep a prize platter of goodies and each winner is invited to take a prize.  The prizes are all kinds of little goodies, treats, and neats that must appeal to all ages.  It is a good way to teach about winning and losing gracefully.  We truly believe that this tradition will be one of the memory markers for our children.  Not to mention, every so often you will see charity erupt as we did this past game time as one of our children went up and picked a prize and turned around and gave it to their Poppa who hadn't won all evening.  It lets you know that you are doing something right in your parenting and training. Amen!! :)

The Prize Platter
 This year we built a new set to directly coincide with Our Virtue Lesson on Thankfulness as well as the extra people who joined us for Thanksgiving supper, which we celebrated last month here in Canada.  Today we share our 20 page, full colour Thanks Bingo Game with you.


 This game is easy to play and accommodates up to 15 players.  Simply print out the playing cards and laminate if desired.  Print out the call-out cards and cut them apart on the black lines.  Printing them on cardstock or heavier bond paper is best.  Once cut, you may place them all face down in a stack and simply flip a new card each turn or you can choose to glue them onto a juice can lid for added fun and suspenseful play.  We usually just put all of our juice can lid pieces in a big plastic bowl or jar, whip them around a few times and put them out one at a time. 

If you chose to laminate your cards with a heat laminant, then you could use a crayon, wipe off overhead projector pen, dry erase pen, or washable felt marker to mark the cards.  If not you can use beans, buttons, macaroni, or plastic chips from the dollar store.

Discussion Sheet
Each of the graphics used in this game has been specially selected to  represent things we should be thankful for.  As an added bonus to this game, there are three discussion sheets with suggestions for how each individual graphic can tie into our modern and spiritual life.  As a teaching aid for your Virtue Lesson, this is a great way to begin a discussion about what and why we should be thankful for different things in our life and the world around us.  This could also be a game in itself using just the call-out cards and asking children to come up with as many different reasons that each graphic was chosen. 

We hope you have fun with this game and perhaps let it become one of your new family traditions for Thanksgiving.

Click Here to download this Thanks Bingo Game. 
Please be patient with this 20 page .PDF as this is a larger file with tons of graphics.


That Resource Team

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