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Let's get ready for the coming of our Lord! New Chore Cards to Help Keep Your Learning Area and Home Organized During Advent and Everyday.

Chore cards let you decide on and delegate tasks for learners to prepare for Advent and help keep them organized and happy in their daily lives.

Advent is here!!  As we begin the season of Advent, we are advised to prepare our hearts, minds, and homes for the coming of our Lord, Jesus Christ.  Many Christians "Christmas clean" and decorate their homes with Advent wreaths, hanging wreaths, Christmas trees, candles, a nativity scene and so forth.  But we must clean before we can decorate just as in the same way we must have reconciliation with our Lord for our sins before we can celebrate His arrival into our hearts.  Today's resource helps us to do just that, but not just for Advent and Christmas but all the year through.

Our Family Chore Caddy
 We've all heard it umpteen times before, children like structure and to feel included in family tasks.  By contributing time and energy to keeping their home, living space and learning area neat and clean, children learn to value their belongings, their learning materials, their books and so on.  Not sure about this notion?   Just think about how you feel when things are in such grave disarray in your home.  Do you feel like relaxing in it?  How about reading in that space or being creative and writing in a journal amongst the material chaos that eventually overwhelms every homeschool family at least a few times throughout the year?  And if you are like many homeschool families and have a large size family or run a full time family business out of your home, you know even more about the importance of staying organized.

There are many different approaches to delegating tasks for housekeeping and even learning tasks.  Today we offer a new set of chore cards.  Simply print out these colourful themed sheets, cut apart on lines, write out the chore and glue it onto an index card.  You could also decide to print these out on card stock and simply cut them apart resulting in a slightly smaller card.  We glue ours to index cards and sit them in a caddy or index card box.

A sample of a few of the chore cards in this new set

Here are a few ways to consider using these cards:
  • Assign certain tasks to specific children.
  • Write individual tasks on cards and have children randomly pick a specific number to complete for the day.  This is good for children or siblings who have about the same level of personal skills.
  • Create a personalized stack for each child to do on a regular basis.  You could even assign certain graphics to a specific child or use coloured index cards for specific children.  They will always know which cards and tasks are theirs to complete.
You can find this new set of 14 different cleaning themed graphics for both boys and girls as well as the original set of 14 chore cards we previously created with fun themes in .pdf files ready to go for this busy holiday season.  This resource was originally part of our Climb a Ladder to Heaven family learning project.

Click HERE to find our new set of chore cards as well as our original set of chore cards.


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