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More Dino Resources - Math Counters and Colouring Sheets

More hands-on dinosaur resources help bring learning to life

As we continue our dinosaur themed learning, we thought that we would share more goodies that help keep with the theme and encourage more tactile learning and 'outta the box' learning.  These printable resources are fast, easy to prepare and fun to do.

Dino counters used in a simple way.
Dino Math Counters add fun to learning for many different ages.  The focus of this set includes cards for the numbers from 0-100, even & odd numbers, and the math symbols: + - ÷ = < > .  This resource is perfect for Montessori style learners and are always a hit or the boost to success when a change of pace is needed in studying one of the most difficult of subjects.
This set can be used to reinforce numeral names, number order, math symbols, number sentences and also odd and even numbers. Each coloured set of Dino graphics has been assigned even or odd numbers to help players learn independently. Also, odd and even usage can be worked into other usage games as well. For example, if number sentences are created, players can be asked if the answers are odd or even.  Another simple game is to have siblings try to stump one another by calling out a number sentence and the other player must put it together and correctly figure it out using only the cards.  You may want to print two sets to do more advanced games. You can find this set as well as our entire collection of math counter sets here, each with a slightly different focus.

Our Dino colouring sheets were a direct request from our daughter.  She requested that there be an animal to colour, their name to trace and the pronunciation of their name as well.  So we managed to come up with a few using public domain images.  We hope your children enjoy them as much as ours do. 

Click Here to download our Dino colouring sheet set.
We also have other colouring sheets that can be found here including Aesop's Fables and some Burgess books go-alongs as well.

We hope your learner enjoys some hands-on fun today learning about these giants of the past.


That Resource Team

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