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The Beauty of Prayer Copywork and Prayer Resources

Prayer Resources to Use for Copywork

If you are a Charlotte Mason style learner, you are all too familiar with the idea of copywork.   Copywork is simply when you have children imitate and copy letters, words, sentences and then paragraphs to learn handwriting and content.  Copywork can start out with letters, numbers or words.  We have many worksheets that have been requested that are based on this concept.  Children start off tracing and move forward to independent writing.  This process can sometimes be repeated when cursive writing is being learned.  However, many families may not realize the beauty that this little charming gem can provide to their children's spiritual growth.

I recently received some beautiful copywork from one of my children for my birthday.  It was the prayer taught to us by the angels, the Hail Mary.  It was beautifully written and decorated in a way that was fit for our Holy Mother.  Then I received a copywork book mark with a mini-holy card of our Lord Jesus as the Good Shepherd on the front and a great matching Bible verse of John 10:27-30 on the back.  Again is was lovely and will be cherished for years to come. 

What you choose to use as copywork is just as important as the writing itself.  Might I humbly suggest using prayers as copywork?  They help to solidify the faith in young hearts, teach grammar so eloquently, and the efforts and work toward perfecting their imitation teach patience, reverence and align young souls to many early saints including St. Thomas Aquinas and St. Jerome.

We offer many resources to help you in this endeavour.

Find a fairly large collection copywork worksheets including prayers (some are in English and some are in Latin), letters, number words, early reading words, saint quotes, and more.  Click Here to see our collection now.

Consider downloading some of our Learning Flashcards for prayers that can easily be printed and laminated for prayer card use.  These are always a favourite with children and they are perfect for CCD class use as well.  All cards can be printed out in grey scale if colour ink is an issue.  Click Here to see our learning cards now.

If you are looking for prayers for children that you can read online, you can find our online collection here with some of the most popular prayers for Catholic to know.  Click Here to visit that page now.

We also have printable versions of prayers for children.  These little sheets are perfect for CCD class use, to put in the front of folders, laminate for reference during family prayer time or to keep in a binder.  Many families and catechists really like these resources.  Click Here to see our prayer sheets now.

We hope you find these resources useful for your family or religious education class.


Kalei - That Resource Team

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