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Welcome Fall with Fun Seasonal Themed Learning Resources

Autumn Harvest Graphing Game
 Let the fall fun begin with bright fun themed printables and games.

Fall is one of my favourite times of the year.  Why?  Of course there are the big traditional reasons of celebrating Thanksgiving, All Saints Day, Remembrance Day, and the beginning of the liturgical season of Advent, but there are also lots of little special things that make this season so memorable.  Like many Canadian families we enjoy canning fruits and veggies, waiting for the first frost to signal putting away the lawnmower, anticipating the first snowfall, lighting the first fire in the fireplace, and of course, watching hockey!! (Go, Canucks, Go!!)  But fall is special because it is a distinct reminder of God's glory in action.  Having grown up in the tropics, I only studied about the pronounced seasonal changes that many people take for granted.  It wasn't until I was an adult that I truly stared in awe at bright red maple leaves that were just green a few days before and thought to myself in childlike wonder,  "Wow, this is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen."  (This was, of course before I saw my first

The resources we highlight today were all inspired by my love of fall and all the richness that comes with this season.  We hope your family of learners finds them fun too!!  Click the resource title to find these resources and others like them from our main resource website.

Fall Chore Chart
Use these cute chore charts to help children remember daily or weekly chores.  This resource is only available in a blank form, in two themes.  These sheets can easily be laminated and used daily or weekly over and over again using a dry erase pen. You will also find other themed chore charts at this link.

Apple Counting Fun
 Apple Counting Fun
Younger learners can practice simple counting skills using this cute and colourful fall themed worksheet based on a favourite fall fruit, the apple.  This sheet is very appealing to new writers and the Pre/K-Gr.1 age group.

Use fall harvest foods to practice the mathematical skill of using a bar graph.  Available in two skill levels, this simple to make and fun to use math game can be used over and over.  Non-readers can enjoy this game too. 

Fall Leaves Nature Page
In our collection you will find apple themed pages, falling leaves themed pages and more.  These bright cute and unlined pages remind us that fall is definitely here.  Use this page for nature walk and study notations, writing, drawing or any combination learning activities.  These are perfect for Charlotte Mason style learners.  You will find many other themed nature notebook pages at this link.

Fall Assignment Sheet
Help make everyday sweet learning fun with this checklist style fall fun learning assignment sheet.  This theme is available in blank as well as pre-filled subjects (like the example at left).  These sheets help learners to stay organized while accomplishing tasks daily or even weekly.

Virtue Incentive Sheet
 Our Virtue Lesson on Thankfulness
As Thanksgiving is coming up in a week or so here in Canada, we thought you may want to begin thinking about using Our Virtue Lesson on Thankfulness as your focus for October or November.  Our Virtue Lessons are fun, easy to use, and very well received by homeschoolers and other educators as well.  We have tried to include everything you would need for a gentle month long study of the virtue of Thankfulness.  Find our core sheets to help define the virtue and give examples of the virtue in action, our printable prayer card, Aesop's Fables and copywork, scripture passages, a light reading list, worksheets, certificates, projects, incentive sheets, mini-posters and more.

I hope you find these resources helpful this fall. :)


Kalei - That Resource Team

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