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Catechism Lesson - God is . . . Perfect

The Perfections of God Highlighted for Children

As I begin our Religious Education year in the classroom, I always keep in mind the goals set by our Pastor, our DRE, and myself.  There is certain material that must be taught like the Ten Commandments, the Steps to a Good Confession, and the Seven Sacraments, but there is a whole host of less concrete concepts or traditions that can and should be taught as well to prepare children to receive their first sacraments.  As a catechist, as well as a homeschooler, I am often told what material should be covered by our learners to meet learning requirements but how I teach that information, that glorious job is up to me!! :)

I am blessed with the trait that I am easily inspired to move to creative action.  So as our wonderful pastor gave the blessing upon our CCD families, teachers, students, and materials a few weeks ago, the only thing I kept focusing on was the simple sentiment he shared: "Who is God?  Many, adults and children, ask themselves that question."  The Lord had given me the new theme for this new learning year.  It's as if He said, "Explain to the children who I am."  So I am attempting to do just that, with the help of the Holy Spirit, of course. 

Lesson:  God is . . . Perfect
  • God is . . . sign file (as shown above)
  • Fat tipped gold or silver metallic pen
  • Fat tipped coloured markers in various colours
  • Classroom/learning room wall
  • White paper or card stock  8.5x11" - I used cardstock.
  • Tape
  • Scissors
  • Glue stick
  • stapler
  • F3 Folder (See how to make this here) - one yearly for each learner
  • What is a Soul F3 Piece - one for each learner
  • My Book Mini-book on The Perfections of God (link below) - one for each learner

Learners' Thought Bubbles

 The first thing to do is create the sign: "God is . . ."  You can download that sign Here.  It will print out very lightly on the paper.  Print out and trace the letters with gold or silver metallic pen.  Cut out letters making sure to leave metallic pen lines visible.  You may want to go back and highlight the edges of the letters to make it stand out more.
 Next using paper and your different coloured markers, create two big thought bubbles length wise on each piece of paper.  Each bubble should be in a different colour.  Allow one bubble per child for larger classes and two bubbles per child in a smaller classes or homeschools.

Teacher's Thought Bubbles

Create individual signs(bubbles), one each, with the words depicting God's perfections: Eternal, All Powerful, All Holy, All Loving, All Merciful, All Wise.  Add a little symbol to decorate each sign.  Here are my examples:

Eternal  - a circle made out of arrows or a ring
All Powerful - a lightning bolt
All Holy - a pious symbol of a yellow halo
All Loving - hearts
All Merciful - tear drops
All Wise - light bulb

Create a sign the size of a full sheet of paper with the word "Perfect" on it in gold or metallic pen ink.

Arrange the letters to create God Is . . .  on the wall.  Affix with tape.  Each lesson we will merely change the word to describe God.


Ask the children the question, "Who is God?"  Don't be surprised if you get the deer in the headlights look for some.  Expect that.  You may want to give a few little ideas but none of the direct words used in your specific bubbles.  They should be hidden from sight at this point.  Have them face down loaded with tape rings ready to go when it's your turn.

Give each child a thought bubble or two and something to write with and have them finish the sentence God is...  Tell them that you will be finishing the sentence too.  In my class I got responses such as "our father", "pure spirit", and "in Heaven."  Affix bubbles to wall under the sign "God Is..."  Leave room for your bubbles.
When all children have had a turn, reveal your own bubbles.  Explaining each one as you affix them to the wall.  Explain the relation of the symbol to the word.  Orally link any words or phrases that they shared to the bubbles that you shared.  Affix your sign with the word "Perfect" to the end of the sentence "God Is..." on the wall.

To finish off this portion of the lesson link and explain how we as children of God with a soul are similar to Him.  (We can show mercy. We have eternal life and so on.)

Complete the "What is a soul" F3 piece and affix in the F3 Folder.  (Download and see how to make this here.)

Begin My Book Mini-book The Perfections of God.  This little prompted mini-book reviews today's lesson.  It can be completed with writing, drawing, or a combination of both.  Those who finish can assemble by cutting out pages and stapling them together in order.  Glue into F3 folder where you think it is appropriate.  If not completed, have children finish for homework and bring back to class to be assembled and affixed into F3 folder.  All children should affix it in the same spot to keep folders consistent.

Kalei - That Resource Team

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