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Resources to Celebrate the Feast of the Archangels - The Transcendent Trio

Get to know our angelic helpers - St. Michael, St. Raphael, and St. Gabriel - The Transcendent Trio on their feast day.

Learning about the Archangels is always neat and enlightening for children as well as adults.  Today we offer a few helpful and fun resources to highlight this special occasion.  These resources could be used at home or class today or anytime during the year when they are mentioned in your Bible study.

Find out about the Transcendent Trio by name, what each name means, and when to call on them for intercession using our fun Saint Trading Cards.  These cards are inexpensive to make and very colourful.  Cards print four to a sheet for convenience for families, classes, and CCD use.  Simply print out, cut apart and glue.  You can laminate them and put them on a key-ring for fun and easy reference.  You will find our entire collection at the link above.  We have received requests for some new modern saints, so visit us often over the next week or so.  New cards are on the way.

Cut and Paste Activity on the Angels and the First Sin
This link will take you to a fun rebus style activity comes to life with its cut-n-paste design.  The story of the first sin is told in an easy to understand format.  The CCC reference as well as an answer sheet is included.  This sheet and other activities on this page from our resource site focus on the ideas of sin and forgiveness and were created for my CCD class use.

Little Lesson on the Archangels by Michelle Scott
Although we've mentioned this resource earlier in the month by Michelle Scott over at Thinking Love, No Twaddle, today is one of the day's to really pick it apart and have some learning fun.  This Liturgical Lesson for September on the Triumphant Cross and the Archangels is well done and great to do as a family.  You will find this as well as all of Michelle's contributed Little Lessons at the link above.

Have an angelic day!


Kalei - That Resource Team

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