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More Resources to Help Learn About St. Jerome

Go-Along resources to celebrate St. Jerome's Feast Day on Sept. 30th

We love St. Jerome.  And as we previously shared a wonderful Little Liturgical Year  for September resource featuring St. Jerome from Michelle Scott, we thought we might highlight a few other resources that you can use as go-alongs to learn about this great saint who all Christians owe a debt of gratitude.

Use our Notebooking Sheets to find a set of 12 sheets in various line spacing options for St. Jerome - including spaces to draw as well.  You might also like our plain saint bio template fit for any saint instead.  You may also find sets for some of your other favourite family saints there too.  There is something for everyone.

If your learner is more tactile and a hands-on type learner, then you might choose to make a Learning Card about this saint (or other favourite saints) to add to your collection or to start a collection if you haven't done so already.  Our kids love these cards.  This set includes two saints celebrating feast days this month, St. Jerome on the 30th of September and St. Vincent de Paul on the 27th day of this month.

You can focus a bit on writing and copywork skills with our Saint Quote Copywork sheets.  These sheets are available in cursive or print trace styles although a few other saints can be found in non-trace styles as well.  You will find one of the most famous quotes from St. Jerome available to help celebrate his feast day.

If you are doing a lapbook or other paper project and are looking for a mini-book on St. Jerome, then look no further.  We have a My Book Mini-book on St. Jerome as well as tons of other saints.  These are all prompted for easier narrations. 

If you are inspired by St. Jerome as a Doctor of Catholic Church, you may want to try our My Book Mini-book unit study All About the Saints of the Catholic Church.  This project uses our mini-books to study about many well known and some lesser known saints of the Catholic Faith including books that focus on the Doctors of the Church.  A full list of the Doctors and instructions are included.



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